Ayo Oppenheimer Abitbol is a born teacher who brings her passion and experience to every encounter.

On the roof

Ayo is a certified acroyoga instructor, vinyasa yoga teacher and neurolinguistic programming practitioner who has been teaching in North America, Central America, SE Asia and Israel for 10+ years. She is also a lead instructor on a YogaAlliance teacher certification program in Jerusalem.

Ayo firmly believes that everyone can benefit from yoga and acroyoga regardless of level or perceived ability. Beyond her training (AYM, KinneretYoga, INLP certification, etc.) and teaching experience, Ayo has a lightness and an uplifting positivity to her. She is the type of teacher who will take her time with you, tailor content to meet the needs of your audience and – most importantly – be present with you.

Ayo comes to yoga and acroyoga with an aerials background in silks, hoop and trapeze, and a dance background of fifteen years with performing arts companies on the East Coast of the United States. Ayo was formally introduced to yoga and acroyoga fifteen years ago and has immersed herself in the practice and the fun of it ever since with classes, jams, retreats, training sessions and teacher certifications.

Ayo has a bright “can-do!” attitude and is available for classes, private and couple’s lessons, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, team building workshops and summer camp sessions. In addition to yoga and acroyoga, Ayo is available as an instructor for breath work, stress reduction, meditation, and hoop dance.

Ayo teaches vinyasa yoga six days/week and acroyoga one day/week in Jerusalem, Israel where she resides, and uses both yoga and acroyoga as a tool for personal transformation and social impact.


  • Gentle Vinyasa Yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Stress Reduction

  • Dynamic Power Yoga
  • Partner Stretching & Acroyoga
  • Facilitated Partner Thai Massage
  • Shabbat Experiences
  • Family Workshops
  • Couple’s Lessons
  • Team-Building Sessions
  • Both English and Hebrew Language Instruction Available