In this energizing sequence, we explore a range of standing and flowing poses designed to offer you a dynamic movement experience.

This practice includes a gentle “half-vinyasa” warm-up followed by delicious stretches for your arms, legs, hips, front body and back body. Poses include cat-cow, down dog, triangle, reverse triangle, goddess/deep squat, wide-legged forward bend and butterfly. Though this is part of our Prenatal Yoga series, this short and active practice is for everyone and is beginner-friendly.

All practices are from the heart and donation-based. If you enjoy the practice, please consider making a donation via PayPal at, Zelle at [email protected] or Bit / PepperPay. Thank you for your support! ❤

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As always, check with a medical professional to make sure that this practice is a fit for you and listen to the wisdom of your body as you know yourself best.

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